Emma Schwartz - SEO Strategist

I’m Emma Schwartz, an SEO Strategist based in Manchester, UK. 

I created High Vibe Digital to help entrepreneurs and business owners devise and implement a results focussed SEO Strategy that goes beyond the basics but isn’t overly complicated or overwhelming

I run a number of SEO related businesses, including an SEO Consultancy for SME’s, brands and digital agencies (Schwartz Digital) and an SEO and Web Design Agency for small businesses (Hello Page One). 

It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about SEO. I’ve spent many years mastering the skills and I’m dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs with their SEO strategy. 

Millions of people use Google everyday to find products, services and information. I want to make sure people find you, not your competitors. It’s my goal to help you get your website to show up whenever anyone is searching for the services or info you provide. I focus on conversions as well as traffic so I’ll not only help you drive your ideal audience to your website, I’ll help you convert your visitors into paying customers or clients

My vision is to make SEO accessible to everyone. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be over complicated. My approach is fully transparent, I’m happy to share everything I know with you in a way that is simple to understand and implement. I know what works, I know what doesn’t work and I know what gets results. 

I’ve always been enthused by technology and intrigued by all things digital. Working for a global technology company for a number of years opened my eyes to the power of digital technology and the endless possibilities at our finger tips. 

I was first introduced to SEO a number of years ago when I built my first website. I hand coded it using nothing but a text editor, HTML and CSS. It was a pretty basic site but I’d built it from scratch and I wanted people to see it!

I put the site live and then…. nothing. No one knew it even existed. 

From then on I made it my mission to learn everything I could about SEO.  I’m passionate about every aspect of search engine optimisation and I’m continually immersing myself in all areas digital marketing. 

I fully believe that anything is possible for anybody if they have the right tools, knowledge and support. I help businesses devise and implement conversion focussed SEO strategies that get results. I’d love to help you with your journey to uplevel your business. 

Emma Schwartz

Work With Me

With my Conversion Power Hour, you’ll a receive laser focussed strategy session with along with a strategy to turn your web visitors into paying clients. My SEO Traffic Boost Kit includes a bespoke action plan, done for you analysis and research, checklists, guides and my exact SEO strategies. My courses will help you master the skills you need to drive more traffic to your website via  search engines.


Conversion Power Hour

Convert your visitors into clients and bring your ideal audience directly to you on autopilot.
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SEO Traffic Boost

SEO Traffic Boost Kit

Guides, checklists, strategies and exact recommendations to boost your website traffic.
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Master the skills to drive traffic to your website and take your business to the next level.
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